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Cuisine for a Cause Tickets 2021

Join us on April 24, 2021

Sorry, tickets are no longer being sold.
Ticket Quantity Left Price Each
Viewing Only- Recepie Cards & SWAG items only Available $45.00
VIP Ticket – Includes Meal Kit for Two & Swag 1 Left $140.00

This exclusive event is a chance for each participant to showcase their culinary skills and see how they compare to our top Chefs while helping to fund the research, education, and advocacy efforts of the American Liver Foundation.


*The fair market value of goods and services received, per ticket, is $100*
*“Prior to participating in any ALF culinary, dietary or nutrition program, you should consult your physician or healthcare professional before following any suggestions or advice mentioned in the presentation, especially if you have a known or suspected food allergy. The individual takes sole responsibility for his/her/their actions".



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