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Baron Tisthammer

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April 5, 2021


My name is Baron Tisthammer. I’m a patient advocate that works in specialty pharmacy. I spend my free time reading non-fiction and staying caught up on the latest movie.

I first became involved with the American Liver Foundation by accident. I do not entirely remember how, but my coworker and I formed a team for the local walk. It was exciting. The entire experience was life-changing. I got to meet so many people that had different life experiences related to liver disease. It made me want to get more involved with the ALF and help them achieve their vision of a world without liver disease.

That first walk was over 10 years ago. Since then, I haven’t missed one. I first joined the local walk committee and worked to spread the message about the ALF and its need for support. After a few years of helping on the walk committee, I was asked to join the local board of directors. I was nervous about this.  How could someone like me be able to help on such an important level? I was hesitant but eventually said yes.  In no small part to a very energized, caring, and an exuberant local director. She helped me see why someone like me could make a difference. In late 2019 I was asked to become co-chair of the local board of directors. Little did I know what was around the corner.

 2020 impacted all aspects of our world and the American Liver Foundation was not immune from the impact of Covid-19.  As the changes to the organization became clear I knew it was more important than ever to ask “How can I help?”  As the dust settled and the impact of Covid-19 became clear our local board saw a need for more education around alcohol and its impact on the liver.  We partnered with local pharmacy students to create a program targeted at high school and college students.  We’ll start sharing this program at no cost to local schools and colleges this year.  Programs like this are only possible with the support of our community. 

Financial support is important, but so too is the support of volunteers.  Please consider finding a way to give back.  No amount of time or donation is too small. 



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